Healthy Bodies for Retirees

Today there are so many foods out there that may not be the best option to consume. Highly processed food has many chemicals in them that can’t be good for our bodies. Then the fast food industry calls to us to eat, because it is quick, fast and easy to get and eat on the run. For many people with very busy lives and desk jobs eating this way is just simpler. People are not eating well or getting enough exercise to help their bodies get and stay healthy. We will look at ways to help achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Through the years, there have been many diets to help us lose weight. Crash dieting has been around and used by celebrities to get a trim body for an event in their lives. This can be a risky way to try and lose a few pounds. Being healthy is more than just losing weight. We need to look at replacing our quick foods with more healthy options.

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It is time to look at what our ancestors ate and what activities they did each day to stay healthy and live longer. The caveman ate what foods were growing around their environment and hunt animals that were available to eat. They didn’t have chemicals to prolong the life of the food. We need to remove from our diets, foods that are not whole such as processed grains, dairy, sugars and salt.

Basically you need to avoid large amounts of carbohydrates, processed sugars and grains. You need to have an eating plan that has a small amount of protein, grains and a lot of vegetables on your plate. Eating most foods in their whole state is very beneficial. It will enhance all the body’s function and you will sleep much better through the night and have added energy to go about your day. The protein should come from grass fed animals and vegetables that are organic. Growing your own vegetables, when possible, is a wonderful options if you are able to do this.

Getting exercise daily is crucial to having a healthy body. The whole body needs to move to maintain all its functions. There is an old saying “if you don’t use it, you will lose it” and this is very true about our bodies. We need to keep our muscles toned and flexible so our bodies can do our everyday activities.