Getting Ready for the Retirement and Aging is a must globally

Getting Ready for the Retirement and Aging is a must globally

 The Americans preparedness is fascinating to see the way they are handling the aging and retirement.  The U.S workers beat others in retirement preparation. The personal responsibility notion for retirement appears to have ingrained in the national psych.  In comparison to many other places retirees interviews in Brazil, Australia, France, China, Canada, Japan, Hungary, Germany, India, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Turkey and the US.

Here are a few key statistics about the retirement preparation percentages:

  • The US workers to 57% are habitual savers. Americans around 47% have retirement income as backup plan in case they are not able to pursue working prior to reaching the retirement planned age.
  • The backup plans in Americans are that the partner or the spouse continue working or dip into savings more. Thus, they need backup plan so that U.S. retirees to 61% say they retired soon and the reason may be poor health, family responsibilities of care-giving, or job loss.
  • It is noted that Americans around 43% are extremely or very confident they can retire and maintain the lifestyle comfortably.
  • Americans around 41% understand financial matters regarding retirement planning. They are much ahead to Brazil, Japan, the UK, and the other global workers. While some research reveals that Americans are not aware of the retirement financial planning matters.

Actually, Americans to around 26% believe strongly that they are saving for retirement enough and actually it is really low. The savings is personal or Americans get it from retirement income. On the other hand the Indians have a retirement backup plan and people having a plan do better than people who do not in retirement. Having a plan helps in accomplishing the goals. This is a lesson that Americans take from Indians and it includes mindfulness relaxation and meditation exercises. There is a need after retirement for Americans to follow:

  • Mindfulness and meditation so that it helps in building and handling skills that assists in navigating our lives. These are mental exercises helping our brains to use or lose it.
  • Keep away from bad activities such as drugs and alcohol, so that the retirement money comes to real use.
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  • Also consider outing, small or big, for a change, so that there is some room for other thoughts and the mind is set free that seniors after retirement can come with new ideas.